Beware of free Netflix passes messages, it’s a scam

Cyber criminals are finding new techniques to target users staying indoors following the Covid-19 lockdown. The latest in the scams doing the rounds is free Netflix passes. Some users are getting messages with a link to click and avail free Netflix subscription. Evidently, it’s a scam.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that the company wasn’t running any free subscription or passes amid the coronavirus pandemic.


The website reported the contents of the scam message which reads “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are giving away totally free access to our platform for the period of isolation, until the virus is contained.”

The message is followed by a link where users are asked to join a survey in order to avail the free Netflix pass.

Once a user completes the survey, he’s asked to share the link with 10 contacts on WhatsApp to “activate”, reports TNW. The malicious website also has a Facebook-lookalike comments section featuring testimonials to vindicate the claim. Of course, these are fake.

Users are strongly recommended not to fall for such scams. Anyway, do not click on any link shared by unknown numbers.

As said earlier, hackers are targeting the Covid-19 and a big interest around it through various means. According to a recent CheckPoint report, there’s been a 50% growth in the number of Covid-19 related domains on the web. Most of these domains are malicious and suspected.

Just recently, researchers came across an application called CovidLock. The free to download on Google Play Store claimed to provide information on the coronavirus. The app installed ransomware on the phones. There are also plenty of fake coronavirus tracking sites which aim to steal your private information.

Source:- hindustantimes